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Vari Male - Treating Varicocele

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Vari Male is a unique blend of Chinese herbs designed for cases of varicocele. It is a healthy non-invasive solution that helps encourage vascular function, supporting healthy sperm reproduction.

Primary benefits:

  • Boosts circulatory support
  • Supports healthy vein function
  • Encourages healthy sperm reproduction



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  • Cuscuta chinensis
  • Astragalus
  • Peonia veitchii
  • Ligusticum sinensis
  • Angelica sinensis


Suggested Use

Daily dosage: 5 ml twice a day, on an empty stomach. Dilute with some water.

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Product Description

Vari Male treats varicose veins located in the testicles and scrotum that can – but don’t always – cause pain, infertility and testicular atrophy (shrinkage of the testicles). Varicoceles are caused when the one-way valves in the scrotal veins, which allow blood to flow from the testicles and scrotum back to the heart, become dysfunctional or fail. This causes the blood to pool and the veins around the testicle enlarge to form a varicocele.

Alternative Medicine offers varicocele treatment with the help of Chinese Medicine consisting of acupuncture and herbs. Unlike conventional medical treatment, Chinese Medicine treatment is non-invasive. It is an effective way that allows the problem to be solved naturally and sometimes even in a shorter time.

Vari Male is a healthy non-invasive solution for varicocele that helps encourage vascular function thereby supporting healthy sperm reproduction.

  • Circulatory Support
  • Supports Healthy Vein Function
  • Healthy sperm reproduction
  • GMP certified

Customer questions & answers

Question: Can you provide any recommendations during the treatment?
Answer: While you're taking Vari Male it is strongly recommended to avoid: Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol or coffee in excess, improper underwear type, lack of care during physical activity, overweight or obesity, testicular hyperthermia, and many more. Correcting these lifestyle factors will help minimize testicular pain.
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Customer reviews

5/5 Rating (Total 4 reviews)
Anonymous June 28, 2021
I suffered terrible and sharp pains in the testicular area. At first it was still bearable, until a point in which I couldn't deal with it. After visiting a doctor, I discovered that there is a whole world on this issue, that it is common and many men suffered from it. I also discovered Vari Male. After a conversation with Johnathan, a Leaf of Life advisor, I realized that this is a natural product made with Chinese herbs, highly recommended by Chinese doctors, and that there is a big chance of solving this problem. I did exactly what Jonathan told me and took the herbal extraction on a daily basis. After two and a half months I felt a significant improvement and today the pain has diminished significantly and I'm back to normal. This is all a matter of perseverance and this formula really works. Thank you for the help, support, and close accompaniment. And special thanks for solving my pain.
Tali June 28, 2021
My son in the army with varicocele suffered from pain. We ordered this one for him about a month ago and the situation has already changed miraculously !!!! Within a month the pain was almost gone and my son was back to doing sports! As a mom I am so glad we came to you and started this treatment. Thank you, Tali
Joseph January 11, 2021
Hi! I came to you from a Google search. I had very strong pains, even after having intercourse. I literally saw the vein that was swollen. And I really did not want to do the surgery. I took the verimel for 3 and a half months. A total of 5 bottles. Now after another ultrasound examination there was simply no evidence of varicocele. Thank you very much for everything really, excellent service any question I had on the way Jonathan was always available and really pleasant. I recommend everyone to try this truly wonderful product wholeheartedly. Joseph
David February 13, 2020
Greetings. About a year ago I had an ultrasound and was told I had a grade 3 vircocele and the urologist suggested I do a sperm test. Abroad after my treatment there I went back to do a sperm test again and the result was unchanged, after looking for all kinds of treatment for varicocele. I turned to Naomi Dror and purchased the vari male, and after 4-5 months of using it my sperm quality will not believe significantly improved and on repeat ultrasound there are no varicocele conferences, I just froze with joy, and after seeing these results I recommend to anyone who gets in trouble like mine to purchase You do not understand Naomi Dror's products today how it changed my life. -David

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