Male fertility

When a couple experiences difficulty in achieving pregnancy, there’s a tendency to look first for a female cause; however, in reality we know that male factors are equally responsible. Recent studies have shown a drastic decline in male fertility in the Western world. It has been determined that half of the infertility cases in couples are caused by sperm malfunction, which may be the cause of recurrent miscarriages.

The diagnosis of male infertility is lower than expected because often the male has not been sent for proper testsing and examinations until after the woman has been fully examined. Sometimes women are referred to hormonal therapy before their spouse is even sent for tests. Here I would like to take the opportunity to encourage all couples who have experienced difficulty in conceiving, to request  proper testing for both sexes.

Early diagnosis of sperm dysfunction can shorten the process of fertility treatments and save the couple much aggravation as well as unnecessary non optimal treatments. 

Unfortunately, conventional medicine doesn’t have much to offer a male with sperm dysfunction. Usually the medical solution is bypassing the problem uby sing In-vitro insemination or in-vitro fertilization, and giving the female hormonal therapy. 

The fact is that unlike women, who are born with a specific amount of eggs that perish with time and age, men constantly produce new sperm on a daily basis. This is an important factor which proves that intervention in sperm quality is an option.

Natural medicine has much to offer a man who suffers from infertility and sperm dysfunction through a change in diet, lifestyle, and the consumption of various medicinal herbs or supplements, thereby increasing the chances of a healthy and natural pregnancy.

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